Sunday, May 28, 2006

Israel- US doesn't have the intel to attack Iran

From Gertz, Sub Req, Excerpted

JERUSALEM — Israel has downgraded the prospect of a U.S. strike on Iran.

Government sources said Israel's military and intelligence community do not expect the Bush administration to order a U.S. strike on Iran over the next year. The Israeli assessment has determined that President George Bush would be deterred by

insufficient U.S. intelligence

as well as declining popular support.


Just great right? 5 years after 9/11, and how many dollars spent to figure out why, and with a CIA which knew since 1979 what the story was in Iran, we don't have the intelligence to carry out critical missions for the safety of the american people against racist morons donating money to care for a well out of which will come the mahdi a few weeks or months after they provoke or start armageddon as a tool to achieve this end?

There simply is no excuse.

Is this story correct? There are plenty of Iranian americans willing to undertake intelligence missions like this, is my bet. Was there an effort to atttract and hire such people?

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