Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fjordman On Sweden and Leftist Fascism

Really, everyone owes it to themselves to go over to Gates of Vienna and read the new article by Fjordman. But, I will excerpt just a few points here:

In this excerpt, Fjordman describes the New Fascism of Europe, which emanates from the Left:

Violent assaults and life threatening attacks against members of the Sweden Democrats, by Muslims or “anti-Fascists,” have taken place many times, but are rarely mentioned in the media. No dissent is tolerated in Sweden.

In one such attack, which extreme Leftists were later openly bragging about on the Internet, around 30 members of the Sweden Democrats were attending a private party outside the town of Växjö. “To clearly demonstrate that the Sweden Democrats are not welcome in our area, about 20 anti-Fascists chose to attack the party.”

“The Sweden Democrats were attacked with knives, axes, iron bars and other weapons. After that, their cars were destroyed.” The brave Leftists then smashed the windows and threw tear gas into the building, forcing people outside, where they were again attacked and beaten with iron bars and axes. Several of the people were hospitalized after the attack.

This was a peaceful, private party by unarmed members of a perfectly legal political party that just happens to be critical of the country’s immigration policies.

These brave Leftists or “anti-Fascists” do, for some curious reason, seem to behave pretty much like, well, Fascists, a bit like the Brown Shirts in the 1930s, physically assaulting political opponents to silence them.

In this next excerpt, Fjordman discusses the infamous letter sent by Islamists to the Swedish government, demanding that Islam be afforded a separate set of laws and rules in Swedish society:

In the spring of 2006, Sweden’s largest Muslim organisation demanded in a letter, signed by its leader Mahmoud Aldebe, that Sweden introduce separate laws for Muslims. The proposals included allowing imams into state (public) schools to give Muslim children separate lessons in Islam and their parents’ native languages. The letter also said that boys and girls should have separate swimming lessons and that divorces between Muslims should be approved by an imam.

The letter was a list running over several pages with aggressive demands for just about everything; separate family laws for Muslims, regulating marriage and divorce, that public schools should employ imams to teach homogeneous classes of Muslims children in their religion and the language of their original homeland, and a “mosque in every municipality to be built through interest-free loans made available by the local municipalities.” This to “demonstrate “Islam’s right to exist in Sweden” and to “heighten the status of and respect towards Muslims.”

Sweden’s Equality Minister Jens Orback called the proposals “completely unacceptable.”That sounds encouraging. However, it looks increasingly as if the election in September will be a very close race, and the Leftist parties will be dependent upon the support of immigrants, who tend to vote for Leftist parties all over Europe, to remain in power.

As Nima Sanandaji points out in FrontPage Magazine, “Swedish public television exposed that the leading Social Democratic party had started fishing for votes with the help of radical Muslim clergies.” For several years the Christian wing of the Social Democratic party, called The Brotherhood, has been working with the influential Muslim leader Mahmoud Aldebe, president of Sweden’s Muslim Association.

Already in 1999, Aldebe proposed that sharia, Islamic law, should be introduced in Sweden. After an honor killing of a Kurdish girl in 2003, Aldebe did not condemn the murderers. Aldebe sees the entire debate regarding honor-related murders as an attack against the Islamic religion and claims in a letter that a public debate regarding these acts of murder risks “encourag[ing] immigrant girls to revolt against the tradition of the families and their religious values.”

I honestly just don't know what to say.


Alison said...

Im not sure how much credibility Abdele has. There are five Islamic organisations in Sweden. Abd al Haqq Kielan (formerly Leif Larsson) converted to Islam thirty years ago, now the chairman of the Swedish Islamic Association, has been scathing of Abdele's and his propositions. In particular his silly suggestions for sharia law. Kielan called them "absurd".

"He is lucky if he speaks for 70 of his members," Keilan said. "If you open the gate for separate laws for different minorities, where will it end? We have to have one law for all citizens. That is so obvious that I don't understand how he can come up with such an idea."

Other Muslims have criticised Aldebe's suggestions. Mariam Osman Sherifay, a lawmaker within the ruling Social Democratic Party, said:

"If we are going to live here, we should adapt to the laws that exist - and we should not have a separate law just because we have a different faith."

The leader of the Liberal Party, Lars Leijonborg, wrote:

"Sweden has equality between men and women. To introduce exceptions for Muslims so that women can be oppressed with the support of the law is completely unacceptable to me."

Pastorius said...

Are you aware that there is much precedent for Muslims asking for, and receiving special treatment, and second sets of laws? This has happened throughout history.

In recent times, it has happened in Canada, and it has been proposed by a member of Chirac's inner circle.

Many neighborhoods set up their own Islamic courts, even if they don't have approval, and Islamic law reigns in an unofficial, but still dangerous capacity.

I am glad if many Muslims are rejecting Abdele's proposals/demands, but I don't think it is wise to think them silly.

And, if you really want to persist in thinking them silly, then, let's you and I make a wager. I say that within five years time, such Sharia courts will exist in an official capacity in certain parts of Western Europe.

Do you want to bet?

The only stipulation is the bet is off if either America or Europe gets hit with nuclear weapons.

All that being said, I like your writing. Where are you from?

Alison said...

But isnt that what Hirsi Ali advocates? To dismiss muslim whims as silly?

I should point out that it was the spokespeople who said they were silly - not me. Im all too conscious of the creeping islamization of the West.

Im a Londoner - still living in London. I spend a lot of time in France. And work in a very european environment. Business will save the planet.

(You commented on my blog earlier - i posted a reply. I didnt know you read it!).

Alison said...

I dont get to write 'proper' posts all that often but here are a couple that may be of interest. Im NO expert this is all just my opinion as the saying goes!

Ooh La La

Ghettos Shackle French Muslims

Pastorius said...

Does Hirsi Ali say that we should treat Islamic traditions and ideas as if they are silly?

Or, does she say we should treat them as if some of them are a serious danger to the West?

The last is the message I have always gotten from her.

No, I haven't read your response, yet.

I will go read it.

Anonymous said...

One of her recourses to action is yes. She ridicules women wearing the veil.