Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The looters and the creators

A recent post at Gates of Vienna creates such a dissonance about objective reality and its nature, that it requires further comment here.

The post concerned the teacher's union vote in Britain to boycott Israel.
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Israel since the invasion by every surrounding nation on the day it was born, since the day it's political and religous refugees invited their arab neighbors to co-education together, firing off the Abu Musa riots and deaths of 1919 and 1920, has been the subject of a targeted isolation, boycott, and planned death and destruction by arguably the second largest religious population on the planet. Some 1.3 billion vs 6 million. Yet we see the 6 million painted successfully as the overbearing oppressors, agressors and evil whelps of satan, the sons of apes and pigs, defilers of God, despoilers of Islam, ravagers of water in the desert, and yet still too many miss not only the objective JOKE on gravity (the ultimate objective reality), but also it's connection to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and others and it's certain effect on us.

Adding to this is the Ellsworth Toohey column of the year in the NYT by Roger Cohen decrying that the world has "stopped buying the american narrative" , and lists reasons like we have been in war all but 14 years since 1945 (i.e. the COLD WAR, as war?)

The forces which have chosen to be in oppostion to us today have more in common than a founding document thought by some to be immutable and perfect.

They are imbued with the heritage of the Huns. Looters, raiders and despoilers all, they can achieve little, invent almost nothing, and manufacture primarily the arrogant conceit that their heritage has been stolen by 'other' at their expense, and are always ready to collect the interest on their investment, the will to destroy in nihilistic fury at those who create.


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Anonymous said...

These 'teachers' aren't just ordinary moonbat school teachers. They're much further away from Planet Earth than that. Plutobats maybe.

They are actually university lecturers.

Henry Kissinger was once asked why disputes among college professors were so bitter. He responded, "Because the stakes are so small."

unaha-closp said...


Because it works really well against venal societies that organise any defence.