Friday, May 26, 2006

Blowing up children, if necessary

The AP has an interesting description of the Iranian suicide bomb celebration yesterday:
TEHRAN, Iran -- Under a banner showing coffins draped with American, British and Israeli flags, more than 100 Iranian men and women pledged Thursday to become suicide bombers - if necessary - to defend their country and Islam.
Has there ever been a sentence that needed scare quotes more than this one?

Yet AP plays it straight. It is almost as if they believe that blowing up women and children, on purpose, thousands of miles away from your country, is sometimes a necessary part of defending your land or your religion.


Pastorius said...

Yeah, almost.

I seriously doubt the pledge the Iranian men and women took said anything remotely close to "if necessary." I'm sure the AP put that in themselves, a kind of editorial subterfuge.

It appears that AP serves as part of the propaganda staff of Iran, and the various terrorist organizations.

Anonymous said...

It's almost a year since the last major attack on the West. Allah is getting thirsty again for more infidel blood.

Pastorius said...

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