Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Celebrate My New Name!

Hey folks, I'm terribly sorry that I haven't been posting lately, here or elsewhere. I seem to have developed allergies. Now. At my age. But when I can stay awake, I still keep track of the absolutely lovely things that people have to say about me in the comments for my YouTube videos. And boy, let me tell you, I didn't realize that there was an "Uncle Tom" type of card for people like me, but I definitely have hit on it. Now that I'm on YouTube I'm WHITE!!! I'm really, truly, WHITE!!

But not just white, I have new NAMES!! Most of them too vulgar to repeat here of course. But I have taken from them a mishmash of the most commonly strung together ones to create what I consider to be my NEW NAME. Yes, officially, I am still Pim's Ghost. But to me, from now on, I am

Neo-Con Zionist Jew Bitch Whore!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!! I would throw a party, but we all live too far apart. Oooops, I forgot, not only did I become white, but also Jewish. I guess I'll have to be Jew for Jesus or something. I'm not sure how all of this works exactly. All I know for sure is that I was the only kid I knew practically at 13 who didn't get a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Well, here's to making up for lost time! The best thing is, that they only got one word right! Bitch! Yep, that's me. Well, here's to embracing my new identity and watching how fast liberals and PC women's rights types get just plain racist and threatening if you say anything anti-leftist. But then, didn't I learn all of this from Michelle Malkin long ago? I wonder what her new name is.


Dag said...

Hey, how did my photo end up there? It's a neo-con-spiracy.

Oh no. Do you think Pim's Ghost will come to haunt me now that some evil twin of mine posted that note above?

Dag said...

My fingers are cramped from crossing them so hard.

3pillars said...

Congratulations on your new name!

Dinah Lord said...

Loved your Vlog, (especially the smackdown part!)you Gorgeous, Neocon, Zionist, Jew-Whore, Bitch!

Can't wait for the next installment!
Cheers -

Kiddo said...

Wow, you guys like the VLOGs? Dang I might do some more. This one Brit keeps promising to get me kicked off and insults me for being a wanna-be white girl even while calling me a Zionist American Jew Bitch and stuff. Then saying that I can't say that stuff, and that he is a WHITE BRITON (caps his). I love it. He attacked Atlas' profile too, where I told him that I would only respond to him from now on in Old West Saxon. He didn't take up that challenge, wisely.

Thanks for the compliments on the VLOGS and my new name. I embrace it fully. I might have preferred Infidelicious, but I take what I can get. But they're right about me being a bitch. Hopefully I can angry them up more in my next one. I had planned on just voicing over pics, but I'll do that later. I'll do something else today if I have time. Though the one I had planned needs to be done (Nazanin is involved) I need help for it, I don't yet know the editing that well. But I think programming like that is in line for YouTube (about the sharia abuses in Iran and similar pieces) considering they have multitudes of videos posted about the greatness of Mo.

One "mock the jihadi" greats though is a must see:
Samira RIP. Check it out I died laughing.

--Neo-Con Zionist Jew Bitch Whore

Dag said...

DS, I'll get in touch with Pastorius and let you know what I can asap.

Cubed © said...

Is going over to YouTube what it takes to get their attention? I keep trying and trying, but they pay absolutely NO attention to me whatsoever - no name-calling, NOTHING! I am such a failure... Boo, hoo!

Keep it up, Pim's Ghost; if you keep their stress level up, their adrenals will shrink to the size of lentils, and they'll fall over dead.