Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Infidel Question Of The Day

What will we have to do to kick Islamofascism the hell off the face of the Earth?


Kiddo said...

Follow the instructions of Ali Sina. Heeheehee.....

Pastorius said...

Sorry, i don't know what those are.

Could you illuminate me?

Brooke said...

Nukes. Lots and lots of nukes....hehehehe!!!

Oh, wait, that's the NeoCon in me talking. Seriously, we have to stop being PC, call a spade a spade, and refuse to tolerate Islamofascism!

Your Infidel Hunk (Rutger Hauer, right?) is very hawt... But you infidel boys are getting a lot more babes than us infidel women!

Pastorius said...

Tell Pim about it.

Also, if I were you, I would make suggestions. She keeps threatening to put up Bill Murray as Hunk of the Week.


That doesn't make a lick of sense.

Anyway, back on topic, being truthful is a good start of course, but how are we going to get them the hell out of here? Do we have to locate and arrest every Islamofascist?

What would be the law?

Kiddo said...

Brooke--sorry. Give me your ideas. I'm just pulling these out of practically nowhere. Actually, it's supposed to be Victor Davis Hanson at the moment, but Rutger seems to be standing his ground. But if I get no input, you guys are going to have to be subject to either my weird taste or what I think your tastes might be, and there I have NO clue. My current hottie is Hugh Laurie, and he's next! I swear it! I'm so happy he has his own show now. Now I get t see him all the time. HHHHOOOOOOUUUUUSSSSEE......droooooolllll.....

Pastorius--Ali Sina laid out some methods for basically humiliating Islam to death in an interview at his site, upon which I based much of the group site I created, The Ultimate Insult, where you will find some of his quotes displayed at the top of the page.
And to my colleagues there, I'm sorry I've been away from posting for a while. And to anyone who wants to raise some hell over there (where the goal is to post stories and try to discover out of all of the outrages which is actually the "ultimate insult" to Islam), let me know and you're in.

Pastorius said...

Truth is, I think Allah likes to be humiliated.

what do you think?

Kiddo said...

Oh, Allah digs it. It's much better than his ancient status as mere Arabian moon god. Now he even gets cartoons.

newc said...

What do They suggest?

Anonymous said...

Ali Sina is a god. As a devout believer in the power of savage and unrelenting sarcasm I bow down before his wisdom! Alas, since the end of WWII our increasingly PC society has forgotten the joy of making fun of the enemy, otherwise the airwaves would be ringing with "When der Prophet says we is the master race, we Heil! Heil! right in der Prophet's face..." Instead I have to sneak around wearing a mini button that says "First they came for the Danish cartoonists...".

I knew something was seriously amiss when nobody picked up on the fact that Iraqui POWs thought getting photographed naked while being pointed at by a girl constituted torture. "Ai! If the Prophet sees my penis being laughed at by this unveiled Infidel woman will he think me unworthy of my 72 virgins?" (Try imagining Marines in similar circustances.)

Then there's dogs. Nobody has picked up on the fact that these bozos are spooked by dogs. What's with that? We could invade wearing uniforms consisting of Black Dog T-shirts and caps and Tehran would be ours. Or just send in the Black Lab Special Forces. Like sending Tribbles to Klingons.

Anonymous said...


The infidel hunk of the week should be Josh Holloway who plays Sawyer on "Lost". He plays a tough (and very hott) southerner. ;)

Anonymous said...

P.S. You should use this picture:

Dag said...

Hunk of the week? I remember that, at the American Diner around 37th and 8th in the Garment District. Yeah, run by Armenians back then. I got a stack of cashmere sweaters one evening on the way home from work, a couple of guys selling them out of the back of a truck. Got a bucket of subway tokens, too.

You want to get rid of Islamic fascists? Well, do that and then come to Canada and help us get rid of the government employees' union, CUPE.

I wrote a while back, and didn't seem to get my point across well, that our own are the real danger. Without our own supporting and even creating the Islamic fasicst movements the Muslims would literally starve to death in three weeks. Muslims rampage and shoot and bomb and burn, but they are mostly illiterate idiots who can't organise well enough to be a serious threat. They will starve to death in the millions if we quit feeding them. We do more than that. We feed them and incite them to kill us. We, our own. Look at CUPE. I want to hang those bastards too. And the Presbyterians? Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

An Iranian refugee told me he wants the U.S. to fire a missile right into Kaaba in Mecca, aimed right at that rock in the middle of the place.

Anonymous said...

For infidel hunks I nominate:
Teddy Roosevelt
Abe Lincoln
Lou Gehrig
Sergeant York
Roland (of the Song of Roland)
Michelangelo's David
Gary Sinise
Bruce Willis

it's not that hard to come up with suggestions....

Pastorius said...

See Pim?

I think you better take Jeremaya's suggestions.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I nominate Pat Tillman as the IBLOGA hunk of the week/month/whatever. He gave up millions to fight (and die) for his country. Personally, I can't think of any better role model. And I may be going out on a limb on this, but I'm fairly sure the ladies found him handsome as well.

J said...

"Anyway, back on topic, being truthful is a good start of course, but how are we going to get them the hell out of here? Do we have to locate and arrest every Islamofascist?"

Mock and expose. If the Motoons taught us anything, it's that Islamofascists come to the surface when their moon deity is mocked.
It's also showed that individual belief in Allah is not enough for Muslims. WE have to believe as well, even if we don't follow Islam. WE have to believe that Mo is THE prophet. That's why they always come with the "you must respect our prophet" line. When they see us unclean infidels mocking their master, to them it shows that he isn't as powerful as they claim.

Anonymous said...

Pat Tillman - of course!

Mr. T
Lou Ferrigno (the original Hulk)
Jim Thorpe
Winston Churchill (why not? he earned it)
Bibi Netanyahu
General Wm. T. Sherman
Lenny Bruce
Albert Camus
Burt Lancaster
Kirk Douglas
Mel Gibson
Robert Mitchum
Richard Widmark (only film noir fans will appreciate these last 2)

Epaminondas said...


Start with King Abdul Aziz U's school of Islamic Studies.

Simultaneous cataclysmic attacks on KNOWN centers of hate thought.

Fadlallah vanishes in a poof of pink mist.

Qom is a smoking hole. We piss in the well.


Just do it, relentlessly, heartlessly, mercilessly, like the boys bearing down on Savannah.

Imams who teach it's all about 9:29 go into the fire.

No exceptions.

We have the choice of having the will to do what is required to WIN and face god, or face god and let it all go without dirtying our hands because it might not be perfectly 'moral'



Anonymous said...

Jeremayakovka, is it true that the whole religion would fold up, spin around and bow down to anyone who did that because it would prove that their god had bigger cohones? Now there's something we could run with.

Dag's got a point. Ragging on "our side" for not being able to cope with a bunch of delusional nouveau riche cartoon-phobic camel flogging mud hut dwellers so sexually repressed that they literally have to die to get laid does have the virtue of killing two birds with one stone.

Pastorius said...

I used the term Islamofascism as a way of differentiating between the fascists and Islam itself.

We have to call it Islamofascism because it emanates from Islam, and if we don't call it what it is, the people of the West will have trouble figuring it out because they are so politically correct.

If you doubt that the problem emanates from Islam itself, explain why almost every conflict in the world today is occurring at the borders of Islam.

Kiddo said...

The problem emanates from Islam, but also from the Arab culture that gave rise to it. Remember, Islam is the most imperialist religion/ideology on the planet. Much is built on a sense of 'honor', much angst on the supposed slights to that 'honor'. Crush that honor and humilate it, just like Sina suggests. Embarass the hell out of Islam. If only the world were willing.

I can't put up Sherman as a Hunk. I currently admire his military tactics and have been reading up on him, but I'm still from Georgia guys.

Oh, and Hugh Laurie is definitely next, after that I'll take any pics you want. But JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ, put them up, please!!! VDH, remember?

Epaminondas said...

Sorry, PIM, but after you trash the heart of slave owners to break the back of slavery and their will to fight, save Lincoln's presidency, then when offered the nomination of the repub party (i.e. at that time and place, the OFFICE) and you tell them take the job and shove are not only a hunk you are eternally :


unaha-closp said...

Can do better than that, can explain all the Islam border conflicts and also Congo, Angola, Burma, the FARC, Korea... All of these conflicts are between entrenched hierachical regimes/tribes (facists) and those who disagree. The facist regime needs to show its people its fighting for them and that they are included as part of the superior body as opposed to their victims who are not. The trick to denigrating facists is to seperate the regime from the population. Make the Elite seem like a bunch of pricks entirely disposed to their own enjoyment. Castro the billionaire living off sweatshops and sex tourism is a whole lot more unappealing than Castro the revolutionary. Drunken, gambling oaf King Abdullah less appealing than Keeper of the Two Mosques.

Should make causing internal dissent number one priority.

Anonymous said...

Over on Religious Policeman there's a hilarious description of a typical dinner visit to a Saudi Arabian home, complete with sexual segretation of guests and the host's enchadored (or enburkaed or whatever they call it there) wife slipping unseen in and out with mounds of food like some Hogwarts house elf in an Invisibility Cloak. Now, it seems to me that any culture where the men are so insecure about and preoccupied with their "honor" as to insist that their wives pour coffee with tablecloths over their heads and who maintain this rigamarole into the 21st century are ripe for attack by WMD: Weapons of Mass Derision. Alas, I fear it will take another 9/11 equivalent to kickstart the project on the appropriate scale.

I'm all for reminding the great Jihadist unwashed that their leaders live in decadent luxury, but the problem goes deeper than that. Strange religious traditions are best left alone unless they cause significant, unavoidable harm, and a lot of Islamic tradition (often in association with Arab, yes, but the weight of religious sanction makes such practices that much harder to shake off) causes such harm to vast numbers of people and therefore will need to change.

Meanwhile we need to do more to challenge those who help to maintain the PC status quo. And guess who I may get to practice on. John Updike. Who describes his latest novel (due out next week) as a "loving portrait" of a jihadist. And who visits my branch of the Bookstore That Must Not Be Named several times a year. There's an interview with him over on Atlas in which he comes across so shallow and bromidic in his attitudes it makes your hair hurt. It might almost be worth the risk of getting canned to challenge him on it...

On the strength of his latest interview, I'm nominating Ted Nugent for Hunk of the Month. Mr. Kill It and Grill It zings the French!

My mother lived in a suburb of Atlanta for 2 years in the 70s. She said she developed the urge to run down Peachtree Street yelling "My name is Sherman, does anybody have a match?" I dunno, I sort of liked the place.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, sorry, the post about Updike is on Dhimmi Watch, not Atlas.

Pastorius said...


I agree with Little Red Bird, the problem goes deeper than the fact that the Fascists at the top are living well, while the people at the bottom are poor.

I think you are thinking in an outmoded paradigm.

Marx taught that all could be reduced to economics.

In the Islamic world, I believe, the fact that the Saud's are the richest people on the planet only serves as confirmation that Allah is the greatest. If Allah were not the greatest then George Bush would be the richest man on the planet.

The problem with Islam is Islamofascism which, I'm sorry to say, emanates from the Koran itself.

Sharia (Islamic law) which serves as the Constitution of Saudi Arabia and Iran, and several other Islamic lands,, and is established by the Koran, is a fascist ideology which commands that apostates, homosexuals, and adulterers ought to be stoned to death.

In addition, the Koran teaches that violent Jihad (not just peacefeul Jihad) is the duty of Muslims around the world.

These ideas have nothing to do with economics. In fact, Sharia maintains that to earn interest is haram (forbidden), so it can be demonstrably shown that the Koran is against capitalism.

I would love to hear what you have to say to my argument. As I said, I believe you are basing your thinking on an old paradigm.