Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Protests In Tehran

There are confirmed reports from inside of Iran about students protesting in and around the University of Tehran, mainly at Kuy-e-Daneshgah where famous protests against the regime were held in July of 1999 and June & July of 2003.

This can be a very important moment. I really think these guys need massive support right now to be able to achieve some thing, at least if we expect the change to come from inside of Iran.

A blogger says there are about 2000 students clashing with the security officers in western parts of Tehran where their campus is located. Many were detained, 40 police officers injured and 200 students wounded. He says, it started by a group of 20-30 students and then more people joined the crowd.

Another blogger reports on the ground in Persian language.

These kids can't do much if they are not supported.

Go read the whole thing.

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Cubed © said...

I keep hearing that we are doing little to nothing to support the disaffected in Iran; does anyone know if this is actually true? Can we be that dumb? Or is it (I hope) just such a secret operation that we need to keep it under wraps?

I know, if we were successful at keeping it secret, it might be one of the two or three times in our history. . .