Thursday, May 25, 2006

Danish scientists say: Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen responsible for Muhammed crisis

Scientists from a danish university say that the danish government is responsible for the muhammed-crisis because it did not meet with the arab-muslim ambassadors. This analysis is paid by the government itself.

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kepiblanc said...

The use of the word 'science' in this context is absolutely ridiculous. Science is about objectivism, thruth and knowledge. Not about politics. Those 'scientists' at Syddansk Universitet are nothing but clever, conning saprophytes on a over-largessed welfare system. 'Syddansk University" - my ass.

Prime minister Fogh Rasmussen did the only reasonable thing : when 11 ambassadors from Saudi Barbaria, Egypt and 9 other Savagistans demanded a meeting in order to impose their sick, 7-Th.-century censorship upon us Danes, he told them that he could not and would not interfere with the freedom of the press. Accordingly a meeting was pointless. OK, that's diplo-speak : it translates into the famous words of one general Patton : *Nuts*.

Luckily, here in Denmark nobody cares what these claphats say or do. We've seen and heard too much blabbermouthed nonsense coming out of those pseudo-universities. And - according to every poll since the cartoon-jihad - our PM is more popular than ever.