Saturday, May 27, 2006

Robert Spencer On Moderate Muslims And Moderate Islam

Robert Spencer weighs in, for those who didn't already know his opinion, on whether moderate Muslim exist, and whether there is such at thing as moderate Islam:

One of the most common responses to my work that I have encountered since I have been doing it publicly is a sweeping assertion that I am ignorant, and/or maliciously ignoring the broad mainstream of peaceful Islam. Of course I do not ignore in the least the broad mainstream of peaceful Muslims, but I have repeatedly pointed out that within the various theological and legal traditions of Islam, they do not have much of a case. All the schools (madhahib) of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) teach violent jihad and Sharia supremacism, with some minor variations.

Accordingly, Ibn Warraq is correct when he says that there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.

This bears repeating: there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.


The Editor said...

Exactly. Religious moderates just wimp out of sticking to the letter of their particular Holy Book. The problem seems to be that there aren't many nice bits in the Koran.

Anonymous said...

All or nothing. Either the Koran is the word of an Arabic-speaking tribalist, deceitful, brothel-keeping, war-mongering 'god'; who designed the universe so the sun sets in a pool of muddy water, or else it's Mohammed's sick hoax.

Mohammedanism only deserves the respect it earns. Which is the sort of respect you give to a dog-turd - keep away from it, it probably contains some nasty parasites.

Mohammedanism is the only religion that doesn't even pay lip-service to the ideal of truth. Mohammedanism is founded on lies and encourages its followers to lie. That why any interfaith dialog with Mohammedans is a waste of time.