Tuesday, May 30, 2006

15.000.000 muslims in the EU in 2005

Newest numbers from Zentralinstituts Islam-Archiv Deutschland (ZIAD) show that in the EU’s 25 membercountries are 14.860.000 muslims.
Biggest procentual number is Cypern, with 200.000 of a population of 770.000.
This is 25,97%. After Cypern follows France with 5,5 million muslims, from a population of 59,34 million which is 9,27%. Third is Holland, with one million muslims numbering 6,2% of 16,14 million. Number 4 is Austria with 350.000 of 8,05 million (4,35%). Fewest muslims you find in Poland, with a populace of 38,6 million, and 7.000 muslims (0,02%). Muslims are 3,3% af EU’s population.

From Hodja


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Anonymous said...

Those numbers are OK if we talk about legal muslims...how many illegal ? In my opinion in EU are min. 25 - 30 mil.
God help to be wrong...but I doubt.