Sunday, January 21, 2007

CAIR Speaks Out Against Fox's 24


Anonymous said...

Where the Kuffar are not gathering to fight the Muslims. The fighting becomes Fard Kifaya with the minimum requirement of appointing believers to guard borders, and the sending of an army at least once a year to terrorize the enemies of Allah. It is a duty of upon the Imam to assemble and send out an army unit into the land of war once or twice every year. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the Muslim population to assist him, and if he does not send an army he is in sin.

And the Ulama have mentioned that this type of jihaad is for maintaining the payment of Jizya. The scholars of the principles of religion have also said: "Jihaad is Da'wah with a force, and is obligatory to perform with all available capabilities, until there remains only Muslims or people who submit to Islam."


Pastorius said...

Well, thanks for clarifying.

Captain USpace said...

eff CAIR! The truth hurts...I love it. Boohoo...poor Muslims...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
watching 24 on Fox

he would never create this
one day where so much goes wrong