Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hey Rahm, if it's all politics you have bet the dem party future on Ahmadinejad

We talk a lot about ruthless politics, and stupid politics.

The republicans chorus about 'cut and run dems' (as true as it SEEMS, right now) is countered by the 'you're playing on fear for political reasons' glee club in the new majority.

Tony Blankely spent some time pointing out how bankrupt and cynical some of the policies espoused by the now elected already seem to be, essentially allowing republican stupidities to be the vehicle to a new national majority by avoiding taking positions, since no palatable position to advocate exists.

Imagine if Winston Churchill had followed such sound political advice Of course I hate to point out that service to the USA compels one to TAKE A STAND AND ADVOCATE A SOLUTION. Whereas priority loyalty to one's party, as opposed to one's nation requires you to shutup and let the other guy commit an act an fail, sometimes not committing an act is an act.

That is the case today.

The democratic party has bet that Iran is a typical state, with a typical set of needs and wants. The democratic party has bet that schools, and jobs and roads are more important to Khameini , Khatami, Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad, and the Hojatieh, than regional dominance, or a religious imperative. They have bet against hudna, and taqqiyah, and for peace and truth, and for them to win this bet the leaders of Iran are their allies.

Now that's pretty perjorative, but it works out that way, not intentionally but functionally..sort of like anti-zionism just working out most of the time to be, functionally, anti-semitism. Because if the democratic party which has bet on failure in Iraq (come on, we all know it) is to succeed in the next set of elections (like for a generation, again), the Iranians must both win in Iraq, and refrain from other acts which Obama, Clinton, Shumer, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin et al might find difficult to explain...sort of like Jimmy Carter trying to explain in 1979 why the Russians, whose armor was pouring into Afghanistan were trustworthy and praising Iran as an "island of stability"..which ushered in Reagan and hard nosed reality.

As a democrat I find this abhorrent. Can't we do a bit better? In fact, wouldn't it be refreshing to see some democrat stand up and say, ' hey we have a valley of pain to cross, we have to cross it, and I need your help, america, because THIS ( FILL IN YOUR COURSE HERE ) is the right way, and THIS (FILL IN YOUR FACTS HERE) is why'.

Why is no politician eliciting the help of the american people via their willing sacrifice and commitment?

We have been ready since 9./11, but we have gotten a better stock market as the more palatable political answer to a war.



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