Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pot. Kettle. Black.

The Blaze:

‘Children of God Will Die’: MSNBC Host Says Only ‘Phony Christians’ Oppose ObamaCare

MSNBC host Ed Schultz unleashed Saturday on Christians who oppose President Obama’s landmark healthcare law, branding them as “phony Christians” and saying the repeal of the law would certainly result in the death of innocent children.
Schultz, who hosts ‘The Ed Show” on weekends, said the new healthcare law “is the most moral thing this country has ever done” and hammered those who disagree.
“This is good for America and I won’t let them lie,” Schultz said. “They’re phony Christians. Phony Christians when they say that they are Christian but then they want to take away from their next door neighbor. They don’t want to be their brother’s keeper.”
“A growing number of right wing Christians are coming out day after day as a Christian,” he continued. “I think I have the right to expose their hypocrisy and call them out for all the things they are saying wrong and how misguided they are.”
The liberal host then said “it is a fact” that innocent Americans will die if the law is repealed.
“It is very simple. If ObamaCare is repealed, Americans will die. Children of God will die,” he said.
Schultz, who says he is a born again Christian, made the comments during a segment where he asked if the “Christian conservative campaign against Obamacare is dangerous for America.”
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