Thursday, March 30, 2006

1984 Watch Chapter 1

Lebanese president praises Hizbullah
KHARTOUM, Sudan joe-horses_ass03_copy.jpg

In a speech sure to exacerbate divisions back home, pro-Syrian Lebanese President Emile Lahoud on Wednesday praised the roles that Syria and Hizbullah play in his country.

" confident that its current quest for consensus and unity will be embraced and supported by Arabs, starting by its neighbor Syria, the country that has always stood by (Lebanon's) its side," Lahoud said.

"This would strengthen choices expressed freely by the Lebanese, foremost among those is Lebanon's commitment to its right to recover its remaining occupied territory in the south, notably the Chebaa Farms," he added, speaking of the territory on the border of Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

Lahoud also spoke of the need to protect the national resistance, a reference to Hizbullah, which he described as "a symbol for steadfastness and dignity."

That's right- a regular UNICEF


Always On Watch said...

Horse's Ass is right. And we all know what proceeds from the back end of a horse.

Cubed © said...

Wow. Picture Numnber Two sure brings back some memories...