Friday, March 24, 2006

CAIR Didn't Win This One

(All emphases by Always On Watch)

Exciting news! CAIR's lawsuit against Anti-CAIR has been dismissed.

The parties in CAIR's lawsuit have settled. And check this out:

"The policies and procedures of Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) have not changed in any way as a result of the CAIR lawsuit settlement. ACAIR, and ACAIR’s founder, Andrew Whitehead, will continue to work to expose and present to interested parties any information regarding CAIR that they feel is of importance."

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Dag said...

Great news. Follow up on this for us if you will. CAIR is slime city, and they need some light shone on them if we are to be able to walk in their vicinity ever again, which would be nice for us since they camp out in America.

Always On Watch said...

At the full article at my site, I placed a few links to two of my previous articles about CAIR.

I personally know some bloggers who have been holding back because of fear of CAIR.

Now is the time to hammer away!

Kiddo said...

AOW, not me, I'm not SCAIRED!! I've been begging them to condemn me. Part of why I wanted to start The Ultimate Insult. Maybe now that they're not busy with Anti-Cair they'll get around to me. Haha! As Han Solo once said, "Bring it on! I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around!"

Krishna109 said...

I am having trouble accessing the story on your site from the link you posted here ("Read more").
It looks like the problem may be that the html in the link here says 'doesnt' instead of 'didnt'...? (Not that I believe in silly superstitions, of course, but I am glad that Mercury finally goes direct tomorrow :-)