Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Update on NYU Dhimmitude

New York University is putting pressure on a student group that intends to display the Danish cartoons at a debate on free speech (see Eteraz' blog entry below.) Amit Ghate, of Thrutch, urges us to send NYU e-mails of protest. Let’s do it. Ghate has several other reports of the story.

If I remember correctly, the talk/discussion/debate is in the old student center building right next door to the Islamic studies building … right in the heart of Greenwich Village. From bohemians to Burqas in one generation! The event is tonight at 7pm ... for those who can't get in, there should be lively demonstrations outside. After all, it's on Washington Square Park! (Cross posted at my blog: L&C.)

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Amit Ghate said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your mention of the letter writing campaign. I'm glad to hear you'll be attending the event and I only wish I were able to join you (but living in CA makes that difficult).



PS There's a typo in "Thrutch"