Thursday, March 23, 2006

Al Jazeera Is Reporting Better Than The Western Media

Yesterday, CAIR came out stronger than Bush against the Afghani apostasy prosecution and today this positive article from Al Jazeera:

Iraqi marriages defy civil war spectre
By Ahmed Janabi
Thursday 23 March 2006, 11:06 Makka Time, 8:06 GMT

Despite widespread speculation at home and abroad that Iraq is on the verge of civil war, couples from different backgrounds have been defying the theory by marriage.

Young men and women – as was the case before the US-led invasion three years ago - from different ethnic, religious and sectarian backgrounds still flock to the civil courts every morning for marriage contracts.

Sahira Abd al-Karim, a civil lawyer in Baghdad, confirmed to that Iraqis from different backgrounds are still marrying each other.

"Sectarianism is something shameful among Iraqis, especially the middle class," she said. "As a lawyer in the civil courts in Baghdad I have seen Sunni marrying Shia, Arab marrying a Kurd.

The weaknesses of the West's belief in it's own defining principle are brought out by the stark contrast between the reality our enemies readily acknowledge and the dark fantasies, and weak proclamations of our own leaders.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves that we don't know well enough who we are, and our enemies are more able to acknowledge reality than we are.

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