Saturday, March 25, 2006

March for Free Expression

The march is over, unfortuantely I wasn't able to attend but congrats to all the people who did (click the pics for full size images) :

police make sure they have enough evidence to convict people for resisting dhimmitude

now where have I seen that picture before?

check out the guy on the left. Nice one mate ;)

pictures found through

the beeb states that up to 600 people turned up which in my eyes was a decent turnout, it could have been better but I think a bit of support was lost in the days running up due to pressure from Muslim organisations to make the organisers request that the Mo pics were not brought (btw, that'd request not demand). This link directs to a group called the "Muslim Action Committee", who claim that they put the pressure on the march organisers to make the request not to bring the Mo pics.

This link directs to the organisation that put the march together.

UPDATE - More pics found through this link


Pastorius said...

I am so jealous.

we have to do this in SoCal.

I've been a bit depressed lately with the broken hand and all, but I have to say, seeing that guy with the Infidel Bloggers Alliance sign made me reealize what we're doing here is working.

That made my day.

Pastorius said...

One other thing: Note that all these people look like normal people. That sure doesn't like a crowd full of obsessed racist lunatics, does it?

I'm sure everyone else can pipe in too. I run a business. I am married and have children. I volunteer at my church. I dig basketball, jazz, Disneyland, the LA Dodgers. You know, I'm just your average guy.

And, the thing is, I really like my "average" life, and on 9/11 I learned that there are a bunch of people out there who would like to take it away from me by destroying America and the Western World.

That's my story.

J said...

"Note that all these people look like normal people"

that was the first thing i noticed. normal looking people holding a normal, calm, peaceful march.

and yes pastorius, seeing the iba sign made my weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Why were the rozzers taking so many photos? Are they intending to prosecute those at a later date who held up posters with the cartoons? This Orwellian nightmare is slowly revealing itself...

Anonymous said...

May I point out that one of the marchers created a very good new word: Toonophobia.

Toonophobes will hate ist.

Anonymous said...

Pastorius said, "seeing that guy with the Infidel Bloggers Alliance sign made me reealize what we're doing here is working."

Yes! Seeing that sign with IBA on it is the good news of the day.

Krishna109 said...

Seeing that IBA sign is great! IBA will now be known in even the most remote corners of the internet. It would be great if one of the major news outlets ran a picture of that sign-- if not now, in a future rally.

Anonymous: I agree-- Toonophobia is a cool word. However, I believe the credit for creating it should go to Cox and Forkum

Dag said...

This is my latest new and totally cool trick-- if it works:

My title

It should take us to a counter demonstration story from the bbc.

Dag said...

Now, am I some great guy or what!

Perry de Havilland said...

More pictures of the rally can be found here

Pastorius said...

Lieke an idiot, I punched a cabinet in the garage. I have a bone broken in my hand above my pinky.

By the way, I wasn't even angry over anything important. Literally just a spilled glass of water.

And, I was all by myself. So, there I was , just sttanding there thinking to myself, "Damn, that hurt. Why did Iust do that? How much bigger is this thing going to get?"

CarnackiUK said...

I was there and I'm not so sure about the 'normal-looking people'. There were some real eccentrics such as a Catholic woman clutching a Madonna and child statuette, a matador using the Danish flag as a cape, a guy dressed in a kind of red cardinal's outfit, and quite a few other 'characters'.

A good start though and I expect new groups and events to grow out of this fairly humble beginning.

My photos of the event may be found here:

Jason Pappas said...

Good show! Nelson would have been proud. ;) said...

The pics validate what I surmized on my blog earlier, that the protesters were real people, not professional protesters that come up when the summoned.


Anonymous said...

PinkNews coverage of the protest

D.C. said...

Thank You.

These are great!
We are far from that in Ottawa.
Very envious, here!!