Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No! It's Not, George Bush!

The White House yesterday appealed for mercy in the case of Afghani "apostate" Abdul Rahman:

The Bush administration yesterday appealed to Afghanistan to spare the life of a man facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity, but said the matter was one for the Afghan government and courts to decide.

This is not for the Afghani government to decide.

We footed the bill for their freedom. We should have made sure that their government and constitution protected human rights.

This is not a gray issue. This is black and white.

Our money is going to pay for this man to be on trial under the threat of the death penalty.

Do we believe in our principles, or not?

Now, contrast our idiocy with how the Euros are dealing with this:

... the governments of Germany and Italy, which -- like the United States -- have substantial troop deployments in Afghanistan, lodged strong protests at the prospect of Mr. Rahman's execution, with former Italian President Francesco Cossiga saying Italy should withdraw its 1,775 troops in Afghanistan if the death sentence is handed down.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said Rome will move "at the highest level ... to prevent something which is incompatible with the defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms."

I am ashamed.


Mark said...

Yes, I am ashamed, too!

Epaminondas said...

Driving about today, I heard Bush in Wheeling WVA..he said when asked by an audience member about this ..~'We have influence there and we are going to make it understood, that this is totally unacceptable' ....
This came up SEVERAL times in the open forum.

GOOD for them!

Anonymous said...

What would Churchill do?