Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Danish troops to liberate Afghan Christian

From Jyllandsposten, the Danish newspaper that published the cartoons, there is this article from yesterday on Danish political reactions to the news on the brave Afghan apostate, Mr. Abdul Rahman. Translation follows:
Demands for Danish action of liberation
The government must avoid, that a 41 year old Afghan convert is condemned to death by a court in the Afghan capital, Kabul. It will take a political majority over the government.

»The government must act on this issue and show that Denmark is at the forefront in the fight for human rights and an international community of law. That is why we are in Afghanistan. If necessary the Danish troops in the country must liberate Abdul Rahman, and Denmark should offer him asylum. This matter underlines the necessity of fighting Sharia law, wherever you find it«, says political spokesman on foreign affairs, Naser Khader, of the "Radikale Venstre" party (left to center wing).

Abdul Rahman was arrested a month ago, after having been reported by his family, all orthodox Muslims. If he is convicted the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, must sign the sentence of death.

"Dansk Folkeparti" (right wing) threatens Afghan President

»I could not care less about the country's laws and rules. In a certain manner we are an authority in Afghanistan, and the President must avoid an execution, or we promise trouble. If not the Americans, English and Danes were in the country, President Hamid Karzai would within 5 minutes lie maltreated by a road side. I have no doubts he knows what this is about, and he has no choice but to obey orders from the allies on this issue«, says political spokesman on foreign affairs, Søren Espersen.

Head of "Socialistisk Folkeparti" (socialists), Villy Søvndal, condemns the trial against Abdul Rahman and has stated in a letter to foreign minister, Per Stig Møller (conservatives), that if the execution is fulfilled Denmark should withdraw its military forces from the country.

"Venstre" (right wing liberals, the main government party) desires to see how the matter develops, before the party will decide whether the Danish soldiers shall stay in Afghanistan.

What is really interesting here is that the "Radikale Venstre" a small left to center party, long time supporter of the left wing, and an extreme proponent of political correctness - in this matter is asking for military intervention! This gives me the hope, that when the abuses on human rights reaches a sufficient level, the support against the Islamists is bigger than what has seemed the case so far.

BTW, Mr Naser Khader is a moderate Muslim to be admired, that has been outspoken in his criticism of the Islamist during the entire Khartoon crisis and has indeed started an organisation of Muslim moderates to prove that only a rather small percentage of Danish Muslims support the Imams in Denmark in their quest to have Denmark condemned.


Pastorius said...

Thanks. Good to see you contributing.

Anonymous said...

The Danes have got guts, unlike some other larger and more powerful European nations.