Thursday, March 30, 2006

Borders Books Policy: The koran Is On Top

Yes, that's right, the koran must go on the top shelf.

Yesterday, we saw that Borders will not carryan issue of a magazine they ordinarily carry, because the magazine ran the Mohammed cartoons.

Now, today, here's an email (sent to LGF) from a Borders employee:

I work for Borders Books and after reading the article you posted on Wed. 3/29 about our company not carrying the magazine due to it showing the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy, I thought I should write with another tidbit of information I learned about my company the other week.

I was shifting rows of books in our religion section and it happened to be that all of our Koran books (a section on its own) ended up on the bottom shelf. The next day I was informed by my General Manager that it is Borders policy as a whole (not my particular store) that due to complaints in the past from Muslim customers, we are not allowed to put our copies of the Koran on any shelf other than the top.

When I heard of this I became so infuriated that the company I work for (and I do love working for it) has caved in to Islamic pressure and is still continuing to do so. I love my job and my company but it does deeply disturb me to see what is happening to it.

As I wrote in my post yesterday, I have done an incredible amount of CD, book, and magazine purchasing over the years. Here, let me tally it up for you:

1000 books at approximately $12 a book (conservative estimate) = $12,000
1000 CD's at approximately $12 a CD (very conservative, considering it is rare that I purchase bargain CD's and many of my purchases have been opera and classical, which are often closer to $30 a piece) = $12,000

A realistic estimate of my Coffee and pastry purchases is about $5,000 at least.

Total = $29,000 over the past 12 years that I can remember there being a Borders near my house.

Yes, that's right, over $2,400 a year.

How many Muslims spend that much? Isn't the koran the only book that has any truth in it?

Fuck Borders. I will never buy anything from them again.

This pandering to Islam has got to stop.


J said...

i take it that the quran HAS to be on the top shelf because it is considered by muslims as "superior".

which is strange because the top shelf is usually reserved for porn in the uk.

maybe it's considered pornographic or perverted?

/wishful thinking

Pastorius said...

Thanks for letting us know that, J.

That explains it.

Jason Pappas said...

I got a copy of Free Inquiry from a magazine store on Lexington Ave and 56th Street. The B&N I tried didn’t have a copy … it wasn’t clear why.

Epaminondas said...

I just put all the Gospels on top up here, interspersed with Talmuds.

BTW, the mgr up here simply DIDN'T BELIEVE me when I asked for a copy of the mag, and promised me that it wasn't true. I didn't want to make it unbearable so I reccommended they check both with their own order process, and google their name and the magazine's.

Pastorius said...

Oh, yes, Epa. I also will be moving korans around. I think I'll to get all the korans in Borders and put them at the bottom of the Gay Studies section.

Epaminondas said...

pastorius, the express elevator to hell is on the left....going dooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn

Does this up my blaspheming quotient?

Kiddo said...

Yeah, I might be rearranging shelves myself. I know two Borders Managers. They'll both be hearing from me. I'll try to get reactions I can post.

Always On Watch said...

I say we should go to Borders, get those Korans from the top shelf, and stand on them with our bare feet.

Damn, this crap from Borders is making me mad as hell.