Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Switzerland Considers Hamas A "Partner"

Yes, it's true. They made an official announcement and everything.

Considering Hamas' stated goal is to kill Jews, I guess we can safely assume Switzerland is once again angling for some of that dead-Jew cash.


J said...

only this time, they're not staying "neutral"

Anonymous said...

You cry wolf.

I read the statement. It says that Hamas could be a "partner for constructive dialogue", and that simply no opportunity for a change of the situaiton should be left aside.

Furthermore, it says, that the Hamas will be judged by its acts, and that Switzerland expects them to renounce violence.

So please learn french.

(As for WWII read up about the Evian conference.

If the U.S. had given shelter to a number proportional to that Switzerland did, more than 10 Million people would have been saved.)

Pastorius said...

Heh, you're funny.