Monday, March 27, 2006

The Israeli Election: The Atlas Endorsement

Tomorrow Israel heads to the polls in what I consider to be the most dangerous, consequential moment in modern Israel's history. It is beyond me how the Israeli voter can be apathetic. Maybe they are just war weary to the bone. Too bad - snap out of it. Here's how I see it.Israeli_elections
Photos: New York Sun
PERETZ: Let's dismiss Peretz out of hand. He is a union boss, nothing more. The last thing Israel needs now is a socialist leftard.

OLMERT: I think Olmert is a weak sister. Yes, he will defend Israel but he lacks visionand great leadership qualities. His family's far left activities ought to raise a red flag.

His son Shaul, who lives in New York reportedly signed a petition belonging to the pacifist organization Yesh Gvul, and his other son, Ariel, who lives in Paris and did not serve in the IDF.

Likud officials have also openly attacked Olmert's wife Aliza for her left-leaning views and his daughter Dana, who is active in the Machsom Watch organization that monitors soldiers' treatment of Palestinians at IDF checkpoints in the West Bank.

"Olmert's sons and one of his daughters refused to serve in the IDF, and his sons live overseas and do not see their future in Israel," the ad said. "If Olmert's children who live abroad knew of his withdrawal plan, they would not return to Israel at all." More here.

Kadima without Sharon.....? I don't think so. And Olmert's No. 2, Shimon Peres? Need I say more?

Netanyahu is my pick. You need someone hard - made of steel for what's coming and Likud has Natan Sharansky and Edelstein. Yes, he is the lesser of three evils but there you have it. NETANYAHU HAS MY ENDORSEMENT.


Kiddo said...

I love Bibi! I have no role to play here, but he would definitely have my vote. The man's a genius, at least from my more limited knowledge on the subject.

Avi Green said...

Thanks, Pamela. Benjamin Netanyahu is also the candidate I'm voting for too. Mainly because, if the country's security is to be managed convincingly, that's why the Likud needs all the support it can get.

And yes, Olmert is one of the most startlingly corrupt politicians around, ditto many of the other people running in Kadima. A party that's as corrupt as Kadima (and I wrote about it here), and that's especially willing to endanger its own country, does not deserve anyone's support.