Thursday, March 23, 2006

Email From Iran

Atlas Shrugs received the following email from Iran

Re: Free Iran

Hello atlasshrugs:

I am e man 31 Y/O living in Iran ([deleted-Atlas] north east of iran) I am very happy that the world today know fact about iran and their peoples. We are Iranian. We are Persian. We are not Araby.

Islamic Republic don't any relationship with iran and persian culture. We hate from ahmadinejad and khamenei. Islamic regime governors are enemy of people and culture of iran. Iran's people love the freedom and real democracy and free speech. I thank you for say facts and support of free Iran.

Bye, [Name deleted-ed][town deleted-ed], Iran


Anum Mahktar said...

No you should not trust any pig from Iran. They are Shi'ite pimps and dishonor the Quran and Allah.

Pastorius said...

Thanks, Anum.

A. Eteraz said...

anum, bend over, im going to spank you and call it temporary marriage. dont worry im not shia.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

And one wonders how the Sunnis can be unoffended when Shia mosques (and worshippers) get blown to smithereens (by Sunni terrorists), but fly into a murderous rage at the sight of some cartoons.

Krishna109 said...

I remember 911-- while many "Palestinians" were celebrating the terror, many people around the world held demonstrations of sympathy for the U.S. Amongst the largest, even in many small towns, were in Iran. Unlike many other countries with a violently anti-American totalitarian gov't, much of the Iranian population is extremely pro-American, and pro-democracy. (And its true, they are not Arabs, but rather they are direct descendents of the ancient Persians).

waltwide said...

My dear persian friend:
Do not worry, the future will come.
A few million people will be killed, but after that we all will be free.
The second coming of the prophet has been already: Most people missed it, but still they know: He used the name Gene Roddenberry and he said that we all will be free to wear the same uniform (even aliens), and instead of mosks and churches we will have a great fleet of starships. The greatest will be the Enterprise, and its first commander will be Captain Kirk...
So do not give up hope, in only a few hundred years it will not be our religion or race that differenciates us, only the colour of our uniform will tell us from which department we are. There are lightyears of space, and God or ALLAH or Shiva or Odin or Ra will be history.
You´ve gotta look at it from above!