Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Little White Lie

"[Would-be hijacker Zacarias] Moussaoui said there were times when a Muslim can lie without being immoral: to reconcile Muslims, to answer 'yes' when a wife asks, 'Am I beautiful?' and to carry out jihad."--New York Times, March 27


Elmers Brother said...

How about this one:

Does this suicide vest make me look fat?

Doctorboogaloo said...

A Muslim is also permitted to lie when answering the question: is Islam really a religion of 'peace'?

Always On Watch said...

Elmer's Bro,
Good to see you posting here again!

Elmers Brother said...

it feels good.

Anonymous said...

We in the West really need to get over comparing the relative merits of different cultures as somehow racist.

Zacarias culturally comes from a place I would equate as pure evil.

And I do not this it is racist to so say.

Anonymous said...

A Muslim is also permitted to lie to an infidel; especially when doing so will "further the cause of Islam."

How could you possibly trust someone who subscribes to such an ideology?

Pastorius said...

Elmer's Brother,
I, also, am happy to see you posting again.

Actually, I was just wondering today what had become of you.

Anonymous said...

And it isn't just lying (enshrined as the doctrine of Taqiyya).

The bombheads are also allowed to rob, cheat, murder and rape infidels, not just with impunity, but with the active encouragement of Allah.

Deception, plunder and parasitism are the main features of interfaith relations.

Unlike all other major religions, RoP has no universal 'ethic of reciprocity' - no 'Do as you would be done by' - no 'Golden Rule'.

The Golden Rule only applies between Muslim males. Muslim females are only half-human and all Kafirs are subhuman and are not required to be treated ethically. Indeed befriending them is a sin.

RoP is not a universal religion or system of ethics, it's more a Mafia-style code of honor among criminals.

LD said...

did he have to swear in on a Bible, did he just "affirm to tell the truth" or did they give him a koran?

Ive yet to talk to a muzzrat that did not lie outa one side of his mouth and threaten to kill out of the other.

Kiddo said...

Elmer, good one!
Yep, The Taqiyya Factor. Maybe we could get a news show on this one. Worked for that O'Reilly feller. But seriously, what DID he swear on, and how can anyone believe a word he says anyway? He's probably been well trained to use Taqiyya (see his 'training' history) plus he's also probably putting on a huge show to please his al Qaida buddies as well with his chance to speak in court. Who the hell knows with this guy? Either way, we know what a bad liar he is already from how poorly he handled his flight school experience. That was idiotic on his part, but luckily landed him in jail.

Always On Watch said...

He affirmed. I've read nothing about the Koran's appearance in this court for taking the oath.

Elmers Brother said...

Pastorius, I had a bit of surgery and was out for awhile. I am doing well and I hope to post pics of my surgery (when I get them from the Dr.) on my blog.