Thursday, March 23, 2006

Islamofascists Just Keep Digging Themselves A Deeper Grave

Everyday, in every way, they just keep getting stupider and stupider:

Imam Ahmed Akkari has issued death threats against Naser Khader of the Social Liberals.

Naser Khader founded the organisation “Democratic Moslems” in February, as an organisation for moderate, Democracy-minded Moslems to join. See this article for biography and background on the enmity between Naser Khader and the Imams in Denmark.

Today Jyllands-Posten reports that Imam Ahmed Akkari was recorded on a hidden camera by journalist Mohamed Sifaoui of the French TV-Station France 2 which will show a documentary tonight detailing the doings of the Danish Imams. The documentary also reveals that the Danish Imams have been using the affair as a lever to go against their political opponents in Denmark.

Ahmed Akkari is quoted as saying:

If [Naser Khader] becomes the Minister of Foreigners or Integration, why don’t we send out two guys to blow up him and his ministry?The Danish reaction to this has been consternation and revulsion.

Peter Skaarup of the Danish People’s Party:

It’s pure threats and it only goes to show how crazy these Imams have been acting. I will at once ask the Minister what punishment can be given for making such statements and whether it is a punishable offense.Jens Rohde of the Liberals:

This is certainly very disturbing and it shows what we’re up against. That’s also why I am worried about what is happening at that conference in Bahrain which Ahmed Akkari is a delegate to.

Ahmed Akkari denies:

I’ve never said anything like that about Naser Khader, but they are welcome to try and prove it.

Deny deny deny. No one believe it anymore, Ahmed.

7/7 bombings.
Brimingham riots.
Paris riots.
Sydney riots.
Egyptian riots.
Beheading little Christian girls in Malaysia.
Cartoon Riots.

The world is on to your game. There is no denying it anymore.

At this point, a denial itself is just another shovelful of dirt tossed out of your future resting place.

Bye bye.


Christine said...

Considering the rather "explosive" activities that have and are taking place in the world. I cannot see how he even thinks he can just laugh this off.

I sure hope more and more of these so and so's get recorded, "being real".

And yes, he needs to be punished for threatening this man's life.

Pastorius said...

How much you wanna bet he won't be punished?

Our leaders are slow to understand, but the people get it.

That's why I think Europe is in danger of a return to fascism.

I wonder what Von Schlichtningen thinks.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Actually the little Christian girls were beheaded by the Shaheed wanna-be's in Indonesia, not Malaysia.

Pastorius said...


Thanks for pointing that out.