Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Going To Vegas, Baby": 700-Ton Explosive Will Send Mushroom Cloud Over Sin City

Damn, you can be sure I will be in Vegas for this:

The US military plans to detonate a 700 tonne explosive charge in a test called "Divine Strake" that will send a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas, a senior defense official said.

"I don't want to sound glib here but it is the first time in Nevada that you'll see a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons," said James Tegnelia, head of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Tegnelia said the test was part of a US effort to develop weapons capable of destroying deeply buried bunkers housing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

"We have several very large penetrators we're developing," he told defense reporters.

He said the Russians have been notified of the test, which is scheduled for the first week of June at the Nevada test range.

"We're also making sure that Las Vegas understands," Tegnelia said.

Ohmydumbjihad, we hardly knew ye.


Jay.Mac said...

Shouldn't that be "Divine Strike"? A strake is a length of hull on a ship, hardly makes sense.

WashPo is using the same spelling- did the Army scrw up the press release I wonder?

Anonymous said...


No need to nuke Mecca. Conventional explosives would be equally effective.

Three charges of 700 tons of high explosive would destroy RoP if delivered to the right places.

Bombheads believe Allah is Great. So let him defend his three most sacred sites - that meteorite thing in Mecca, the Mosque in Medina, and some sort of dome in Jerusalem (on second thoughts 700 tons of TNT in downtown Jerusalem could be construed as antisemitic - maybe smaller coordinated plastic demolition charges needed.)

Anyway, Jerusalem apart, if you deliver that sort of ordnance to the major tourist attractions in the two Motowns, then even the most brainwashed bombhead may come to realise that Allah does not exist.