Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mohammed's Believe It Or Else!

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To read the introduction to the comic book, go here, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The author of the above comic book had to go into hiding. From Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

"It is with great regret that I must go into hiding.

"This is a result of the multiple death threats I have received for my comic book, which depicts the truth about the teachings of the prophet Mohammed. I am earnestly confused about this matter. I have spoken honestly and truthfully about Islam and its teachings. All quotes in the comic book are directly from the Qu'ran and the agreed Hadiths.

"Why does a religion of peace seek to kill me for being honest? What do they have to hide?

"I hope to return when I am free to speak once again.

"Abdullah Aziz (Author or the World Renowned Comic Book, 'Mohammed's Believe It or Else!'"
Three things I've learned from Mohammed's Believe It or Else, according to the author's citations from the Hadith:

1. Once a tribe of Israelites became lost. The Jews were transformed into rats.
Proof: rats drink milk from sheep but not from camels.
(Burkhari, vol. IV, no 524)

2. The majority of the population of hell is female. Also, nobody is more deficient in intelligence and religion than a woman.
(Burkhari, vol. I, no. 28; Burkhari, vol. I, no. 301; Burkahari, vol. I, no. 161)

3. Muslims have one intestine, but those who are not Muslims have seven intestines.
(Muslim, Vol. III, nos. 5113, Chapter DCCCLXII)

Does this comic book mock Islam? Before you condemn the author of this book, read the following words by Ali Sina, apostate:

"Why Mock Islam? Because it is therapeutic! Mocking is a very powerful way to convince those who are unwilling to think to do it. Shame is a great motivator....

"Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is not a laughing matter. Mock Muhammad and Islam as this will eventually help the Muslims get rid of their cult. They must feel embarrassed for calling themselves Muslim.

"This therapy works. I have seen it work many times....

"Today Muslims become angry if you ridicule their faith, but once they are free from this bondage of the mind they will thank you for it.... "

Mohammed's Believe It or Else is beautifully illustrated and printed on glossy paper. Get your own copy, digital download or hard copy, and feel free to read it while eating a ham sandwich.


Kiddo said...

Damn straight, AOW!! I love it! Well, that's what the Ultimate Insult is for after all. Anyway, I'm now home with access once again to Photoshop, so don't expect me to stay out of trouble!

Pastorius said...

Maybe we should put this book on the sidebar.

Pastorius said...

By the way, isn't there a hilarious drawing in that book of Mohammed with fleas popping off him?

Apparently, in the Hadiths, Aisha mentioned that Mohammed had a terrible problem with fleas.

You know, like a dog.

I've never known another human being to have a problem with fleas.

Maybe that would be a good cartoon. Mohammed with a flea collar.

J said...

"feel free to read it while eating a ham sandwich."

or whilst drinking a carlsberg (for our hindu, jewish and vegetarian readers ;)

pastorius, i remember quite a few pics of him with flies hovering around him, but the funniest one was the one about the "mark of the prophet", where his enourmous mole was apparently a sign a was a prophet sent by allah (the blood/moon deity).

oh and i'll add this to the sidebar as a link, but if someone could get official permission from the writers i'd be grateful.

also, if there is anything else anyonje wants added to the sidebar let me know.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this story and the previous one. The Islamic Comic Book does a brilliant job of exposing RoP to both ridicule and rational analysis. But like all web-based Islamoskeptic resources, you need to half-know it exists before you can find it.

That's probably why the bombheads are concentrating their intimidation and censorship effort on the MSM rather than the web. Though sooner or later they are going to put pressure on search engines and ISP's to control Islamoskeptic information. (There's already been a suggestion that responsibility for regulation of the internet should be taken over by the Ummanited Nations)

The MSM are potentially far better for initially alerting Joe Public about threats to his lifestyle than is the web, because he's likely to come across articles in the course of his normal reading.

Say he's a gay sculptor who knows nothing about RoP. It might never occur to him to google for 'homosexuality and Islam' or 'representational art and Islam'. But when he reads newspaper articles about the Taliban pushing walls over on people or dynamiting statues, he may begin to feel a little uneasy and search for more information.

There are vast numbers of Kaffirs walking around who don't realise they have targets on their backs. For example, I know a few western Buddhists. They are well-meaning bunny-cuddlers, but they haven't got a clue about the Islamic punishment for Buddhism, nor why Buddhism dissappeared from India and Central Asia. To them RoP is just another spiritual path up the same transcendental mountain.

Bearing in mind that the MSM are becoming increasingly dhimmified, how do we get the message across to all the groups who aren't interested in Islam, but don't realise that Islam is very interested in them? Such as

- Liberal Christians (evangelicals seem to have got the message)
- Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs living in the west.
- Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, New Agers etc.
- Womens rights groups
- Trade unionists
- Child protection workers
- Sculptors
- Artists (not just Motoonists)
- Musicians
- Dancers and choreographers
- Practically anybody involved in the performing arts.
- Novelists (other than Salman Rushdie)
- Scientists who wish to teach evolution.
- Sharia non-compliant lawyers

Islam has an agenda for all these groups, but most members don't know it. Once Josephine Public has become Islamically aware, she can search the web to find out more about what RoP has in mind for her. But generating the initial awareness is the major problem

Always On Watch said...

The comic book is filled with gems. Get a copy!

I don't see a mention of fleas, but I do see something about lice.

Tidbit: Satan lives in the upper part of the nose at night. Maybe MTP was a snorer?

Another tidbit: No chess playing allowed.

And another: Never pray with your eyes looking up; they'll be snatched out of your head.

About those intestines...Most colon specialists here have Middle Eastern names.

A final gem..."Magic was worked on Allah's Apostle so that he began to imagine that he had done something although he had not" (Burkhari vol, VII, no. 661).

George Mason said...

This book comes from Dr. Robert Morey's organization. Morey is well worth getting to know about. He has been studying Islam for decades and has several advanced degrees. He is not just a preacher.

We heard Morey interviewed at length on the Michael Medved show in the fall, as we recall, and found it so intriguing that we wrote it up for our blog and website.

Like Israeli terrorism expert, Victor Mordecai, Dr. Morey recommends surgical strikes on Mecca (Kaaba), Medina (Muhammad's Mosque), and the Dome of the Rock Mosque (Jerusalem). Given the very bizarre (by rational standards) of Islamist thinking, these strikes completely nullify "Allahu Ahkbar." This expression DOES NOT MEAN what most people think it means. It does mean "God is greater."

Since this is a comparative, we have to ask "greater than what?" In Islam, this means that their Allah is the greatest of all deities. Yes, yes, there are contradictions, but then Islam is nothing if not contradictory. Destruction of the Islamic holy sites demonstrates once and for all that the God of the Christians and Jews is more powerful than Allah. This becomes a fatal blow, immensely useful in defeating Islam.

Of course, a Western perspective might have a hard time digesting this. An Islamist would not.

Morey has much, much more to say about Islam, and it is really good stuff.

Cubed © said...


I'll join you with that Carlsberg!


Could a review of this little book be sent to The Truth Project site? There are so few things available at the level of the child! These ridiculous statements will surely catch the children's interest!

I think I've heard an Arab curse to the effect of, "May the fleas of a thousand camels inhabit your beard!" Eeeeuuuu! Quick, grab the Big Bear-sized Advantage (BTW, for parents in the crowd, your pet's Advantage works well on lice, too - in fact, I have recommended it for school children who come home with notes saying that the Nurse has discovered lice on the child. Many of the ordinary human lice remedies are no longer effective. Advantage is topical, unlike Revolution, so it stays on the skin without getting absorbed. It's worst feature is that it smells a little like gasoline for a few hours.).

AOW, I think you already know my thoughts about that bit where "Magic was worked on Allah's Apostle so that he began to imagine that he had done something although he had not."

That statement was made by a family member - it may have even have been Aisha, I don't recall right now - in reference to Mohammed's tale of having made a "Night Voyage to Jerusalem." The "voyage" from Arabia to Jerusalem and back (in a matter of hours) forms the basis for the Muslim claim to the legal ownership of Jerusalem. You know how they are, anywhere a Muslim has set foot immediately makes the place part of Islamia.

The description of both his "visions" and the "night voyage" are consistent with the characteristics of a sleep disorder known as "Sleep Paralysis;" only five percent of all patients with sleep paralysis experience the full-blown syndrome such as that described by Mohammed.

Sleep paralysis has been described in modern times only in about the last 30 or so years, so it is not widely known, even among physicians. The experience is so strange and so convincing to sufferers that they often won't talk about it, because when they do, they are often thought to be crazy.

Mohammed's was a typically strange story; even his family couldn't believe him, even though they were devout followers by then.They begged him not to put the spread of Islam at risk by talking about it to his few followers, fearing that they would think he was nuts and leave him - and they almost did. He got away with it, though, thanks to a friend who was highly respected by the crowd - bummer!


That idea of targeting specific groups for educational purposes is excellent!

A lot of these groups have specialty publications that they subscribe to; maybe a few well written articles submitted to these journals/magazines could be productive. In fact, maybe I should work up a paper for the journal "Sleep Medicine" about Mo's problem. My profession is as PC as any, but if the clinical aspects of Mo's problem are presented without laughter, an article might just squeeze by the editor.

If Mo's visions and night journey could be taken out of the realm of a mystical experience and attributed instead to a very real illness, it could possibly begin to weaken the Muslim claim not only to Jerusalem, but to any authoritative claim to be a legitimate belief system.

So long as the world at large credits the origins of Islam to Allah, it will continue to receive the usual respect accorded a religion; if, on the other hand, there is good reason to believe that it had its origins in the signs and symptoms of a well established medical problem, then doubts about its authenticity, at least among non-Muslims, could begin to occur.

In case anyone is interested, you don't have to be a restaurant owner to submit an article for publication in "Restaurateru"; just make the subject of the article of interest to the group that reads it.

Maybe, for example, you love dogs; an article about the Muslim attitude towards dogs, along with examples of the treatment of dogs by Muslims, submitted to any of the several dog magazines around, might be accepted. Thanks to Pim's Ghost, I have a little piece about dogs in Turkey that might be of interest, in case anyone would like it. I plan to publish it over at sixthcolumn in the next day or two. It's the ususal horror show.

Just about any occupation or group that exists has some journal or magazine that addresses the interests of that group, and so just a few published articles could reach hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people. Most of you probably read some sort of publication that addresses the needs/interests of your own work.

I don't know how many of you guys visit, but there are lots of ideas for "action" over there, and one that could help us all do what you have in mind, Mustafa, is to print up (maybe on your computer) a bunch of business-card sized cards with stuff like book titles, quotes, blog and web addresses, etc. on them, and just leave them around wherever you go - restaurants, bus stops, stores, churches, synagogues, under car windshield wipers, etc.

PC is a huge problem, but maybe keep copies of the articles that have been rejected, because the time will come when PC will begin to erode in the face of reality.

Cubed © said...

Oops - "Restaurateur."