Wednesday, March 29, 2006

NYU Muslims Censor (Cartoon) Speech

So, I 'broke' this story yesterday but forgot to hit 'publish' on my blog. Oh well, so I'm not the first to report it.

But I do have the letter that the Muslim organization sent to the NYU President.

I trash it on my blog, here: check it out.

I'm pretty pissed right now so if anyone feels like arguing about anything, beware.


Amit Ghate said...

FWIW, people can write to NYU, I have a sample letter and email addresses here:

John Sobieski said...

That is ridiculous. Islam isn't a race, it's an ideology. We are surrounded with mediocrity and dhimmis.

Krishna109 said...

That has always annoyed me too. A race has to do with who you are-- it is unchangeable, and not a matter of choice (except, perhaps, for Michael Jackson :-)

A religion is a belief system-- it can be changed.

And, of course, Moslems can be of any race.

The constant accusations of "racism" are a clever ploy-- "racist" is an emotionally charged word-- it has all sorts of negative connotations. So, even though it's inaccurate, propagandists love to use it.

There are several other similar words-- calling someone you dislike a Nazi has become popular... but if your boss denies you a he really a genuine Nazi? (Well, of course its always possible he really is a member of the American Nazi party . . . but in most cases...)

Another interesting example-- propagandists love to talk about Israel's "Apartheid Wall". Its not about apartheid . . . but that word has negative associations, so they love to use it.

What's interesting is the use of the word "wall". The reality is that the security barrier is part wall, part fence. But- its less than 5% wall-- 95% is a fence!

So, why call it a wall?

Because "wall" has negative connotations for many people-- it makes them think of the Berlin Wall, which was used to keep people in, to keep them from being free.

(Most people do not think of the Great Wall of China-- which was built to keep the barbarians out).

So calling Israel's security barrier a "Wall" is an attempt to make it sound evil, when in fact it saves lives.