Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Atlas Interview: Phyllis Chesler, "Daring Lover of the Truth"

Ex-left wing goddess, one time Muslim bride, anti-cultural relativist, and as Bat Ye'or called her "daring lover of the truth". I was unfamiliar with Phyllis Chesler until I heard her speak at The The Middle East & Academic Integrity on the American Campus Conference At Columbia University over a year ago. Her remarks blew me away and the more she revealed the louder she was heckled by Pro-Palestinian inciters in the room. Inciters, thugs - these fools had their phones play loud music, their walkie talkies go off , but Chesler never flinched, stumbled or faltered. She gave it right back and made sure her story was told. I subsequently have written about her numerous times and strongly recommend you review her extensive body of work. Brave, brilliant, and sagacious, I jumped at the chance to interview her.

in The Death of Feminism : What's Next in the Struggle for Women's Freedom, the level of anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda and intolerance towards all those who do not kow-tow to it is fairly monumental on many feminist list-serv groups. If one does not believe that America "deserved" 9/11; if one does not view America as the true "terrorist"; if one does not believe that Arabs and Muslims are being persecuted in America for "racist" reasons; and if one does not simultaneously believe that the Jews are "imagining" or "exaggerating" anti-Semitism — then one is not welcome on such list-serv groups. In fact, I was literally "purged," Stalinist-style from one such group for my various pro-America and pro-Israel "Thought Crimes." It was a most instructive experience.


[...]"right" and "left" are no longer useful. I write about this at length in The Death of Feminism : What's Next in the Struggle for Women's Freedom. On the other hand, the "Left" is aggressively secular and anti-religious; considers pornography to be "protected" hate speech; considers prostitution and trafficking to be forms of "sex work" which should be de-criminalized or legalized; views paternal sole-custody of children as the feminist solution to the problems that mothers have when they juggle child care and career responsibilities; believes that men and women are actually the "same"; has absolutely no foreign policy except that of opposing whatever President Bush and America do or ever have done — they really might as well be French; and has no universal feminist policy vis-à-vis jihadic Islam and its Muslim victims. The "right" has opposite views on these subjects. Although some "right-wingers" have diverse views on abortion, civil rights for gay people, the role of multi-national corporations in a time of war, the importance of intellectual and ideological diversity; the dangers of appeasing the Islam, etc. there are few "left wingers" who are at all diverse on their issues.

Brave, brilliant, and sagacious, I jumped at the chance to interview her. Share the interview with your peers [hence the Johnny Appleseed reference], get the word out of this woman. I have downloaded the interview in its entirety. Anybody wanna convert it to an MP3 file for me?
Download DW_S0036.wav

Download Chesler_Interview.mp3 Del, my free speech man, you rock!

Mike and PaPundits writes "I've got plenty of bandwidth if you don't, click here. Yup Mighty Mike, mighty man indeed.

Jody sent me this alternative to the above wav file here

It runs a little under an hour, first half focuses on Chesler's background and history (not to be missed), second half addresses how the left destroys this nation, destroyed academia, and enables the Islamofascists to commit the worst acts of barbarism against women (and the West).

Phyllis did BOOK TV for CPAN last night at Barnes and Noble in Madhattan, I will let you know when they broadcast it as soon as CSPAN releases their schedule.

UPDATE: A huge part of my discussion with Phyllis centered on the hijacking of our universities by the Radical left and the Radical Islamists. This bill is critical to addressing, in some small part, this enormous front on the war on terror. Write your government officials NOW House Republicans Fight for Academic Bill of Rights


Pastorius said...

congrats and good job on the amazing interview.

Epaminondas said...

Pam, I don't know how you inveigle yourself into these interviews, but having met Bat Yeor, and read Chesler before her 'new antisemitsm' book, then THAT incredible book, I'd SURE LIKE to shake her hand.

She is living proof that the war on terror has no left or right.

And she speaks with authority, as an ex wife from Afghanistan.
And she speaks without fear
Incredible person!
I'd love to just sit and yack with someone like're a lucky gal Pam!

Let's get her, Bat Yeor and Wafa Sultan at an IBA party (who knows maybe we can convince Monica Belluci to come as well)