Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The last news about the cartoon crisis

Some days ago, I wrote about a project of a modification to the French constitution, which called for limitations of the free press. Not surprinsingly, the French Muslims have backed it:

French Muslims backed Saturday, March 18, a draft law criminalizing blasphemy, which has been put forward by an MP for the ruling Union for Popular Movement party (UMP).
“The Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF) is planning a campaign to support the UMP motion,” UOIF head in the heavily Muslim populated Saint Denis district, told IslamOnline.net.

At the same time Turkey is asking (again) for more protection for Islam in Europe and is protesting about a film whose subject is the Armenian genocide.

Also yesterday we knew the UN have said that Denmark has acted irresponsibly in the cartoons' crisis.

And as a result of the closing of the web of a far-right party, the Swedish FM has resigned.

Lastly I have to mention an important interview made to Tariq Ramadan in which he refuses to talk to a journalist because he is a "commoner".


Kiddo said...

Yeah, the Turks protesting can kiss my Ionian ass, baby! Of course, the younger generations there have been kept so ignorant of the genocides (Armenian and ALL OTHER CHRISTIANS) that it doesn't surprise me. Most of them don't believe it ever happened.

Cubed © said...

The notion of having an Ionian ass for the Turks to kiss is filled with lovely irony, don't you think?