Friday, March 24, 2006

Operation "First Responder" Could Use Our Help - Pass It Around!

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Operation First Responder" Needs Your Help!

Folks,Many of you already know about the extraordinary symposium to be held by America's Truth Forum on 29 April 2006.

FrontPageMagazine has published the story of just how difficult the combined forces of PC and Islam have made it to pull off something like this - you know, the TRUTH!They have been using the usual tactics, especially fear and intimidation. Potential symposium sites have pulled out, and even the biggest corporations have been scared off of supporting this amazing conference.

If the Big Boys are too afraid to help out, who's left?WE ARE! The Grass Roots Club! As usual, if you want a job done right, do it yourself. Borders, ports, and now, meetings and the freedom to tell the truth.

This is just me - no one has asked me to go begging, but this meeting is so important for all of us that I am proud to beg: PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN TO HELP. It might be too scary for Boeing, General Dynamics, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Dupont, and so on (see list below), but if we all pull together, it isn't too scary for Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Sally, and Mary.Please send whatever you can to support this magnificent and daring effort. What an investment! The long-term benefits are incalcuably great!

Here is the full report from FrontPageMagazine:

By Joe Kaufman March 21, 2006

America's Truth Forum's symposium, The Underlying Roots of Terrorism: Terrorism's Threat to World Peace and National Security, is set to take place April 29th. Speaking at the event will be some of the biggest names in the counter-terrorism field. While those involved in the symposium understand the reality of the terrorism threat, there are many that have, whether out of fear or ignorance, chosen to ignore it.

The event was originally scheduled to be held in Connecticut on September 21st of 2005, but it was sidetracked by CBS/Infinity Radio, who at the last minute, refused to air paid advertisements from America's Truth Forum (ATF). "Too many people might be emotionally affected by the subject matter. It's too controversial to be aired at this time," was their response. This being the case, Jeffrey Epstein, the group's President, decided to move the symposium, both time and location.

The new venue didn't come without its own snags. On November 4, 2005, Epstein flew into D.C. to sign a contract with the GeorgetownMarriottConferenceCenter. But during negotiations with the hotel, Epstein was abruptly ushered out of the Marriott's office. Two weeks later, Marriott Corporate Headquarters issued the following statement: "Due to the high density of Muslim students on the Georgetown campus, members of the staff at Marriott Georgetown were afraid of the potential for violent protests, injured hotel employees and property damage. This is the official stance of the Marriott Corporation.

"Today, a new venue in the Greater Washington, D.C. area has been secured, so far without a hitch. But just as things seemed to be going smoothly, a new problem arose - finding sponsorships for the affair.The war on terror has affected so many different areas of our everyday lives. Many industries have had to change the way they run, especially with regard to security. With this in mind, who better to solicit sponsorships from than those that have had to deal firsthand with the extremist threat?

Epstein worked the phones, calling every entity he figured would be interested in such an important event as his organization was planning. But when one takes a glance at the list of those corporations that have declined to get involved, one is faced with a terrible foreboding for our future.The following companies, according to Epstein, were contacted for support and showed no interest. Stock answers included "lack of funds" or "terrorism isn't high on their list of priorities," while others chose not to respond at all.

ATK - not involved in war on terror. makes ammo for military and law enforcement.
Boeing - no interest. then refused to purchase seats for first responders due to budgetary considerations.
BAE systems - not interested.
General Dynamics - left messages. no interest.
Halliburton - unable to fund our request at this time.
Maersk Line - no formal reply.
Northrop Grumman - no interest.
Lockheed Martin - no money.
Raytheon - already budgeted out - most likely no funds.
Dupont - declined, because they can't favor every request; subsequent requests for purchase of a couple of seats for law enforcement agents went ignored.
Motorola - no response.DRS technologies - won't fit with their overall plans.
Zodiac - no funds.wished us well.
Honeywell - no outside solicitation accepted.not interested in program.
L3 Communications - no response.
Rolls-Royce North America - no response.
United Technologies - can't support due to budget limitations.
Pepsi-Cola Military Sales - can only afford to support a small number of worthwhile projects.
Voight Aircraft Industries, Inc . - no interest.
Red Lobster - our request doesn't fit into their brand's strategy.
Anheuser Busch Companies - directed me to local distributors. no response.
Coors - no interest or funds.
American Airlines - no money.
Southeast Airlines - no response.
Wynn Las Vegas - Mrs. Wynn had no interest.
Wal-Mart - no response.
National Beer Wholesaler's Association - no response.
Airline Pilot's Association - no response.
International Association of Firefighters - no response.
Outback Steakhouse - no response.
Wendy's Restaurants - no response.
Yum Brands - no response.
Brinker International - no response.
National Truckers Association (NTA) - no response.
Chevrolet Corporate Relations - no interest.
Insurance carriers that underwrote 9/11 losses:
QBE - won't support.
Chubb Insurance - no response.
American Reinsurance - no response.
Zurich American - no response.
One Beacon Insurance - no response.
Crum & Forster - no response.
Oil companies contacted:
Sunoco - no response.
BP P.L.C. - terrorism isn't of concern.
Bresnan Communications - no response.
Kantor Fitzgerald (securities company that lost employee in trade center) - no interest.
Hotels that suffered recent bombings:
-Radisson Hotel - no response.
-Grand Hyatt - no response.
-Days Inn - no response.

The list is overwhelming to say the least. It would be comical, if the subject being discussed were not so serious!To work around this unfortunate response from those that should, but are not, concerned, America's Truth Forum has had to get creative. One of the ways the group did this was by implementing a new initiative titled, 'Operation First Responder.'According to Epstein: "'OPERATION FIRST RESPONDER' effectively bridges the gap between concerned citizens that share ATF's concern for future generations, but can't attend due to a variety of reasons, and those law enforcement agencies that lack the financial wherewithal to be adequately represented at the forum.

We are simply providing folks with a viable alternative - the opportunity to purchase seats on behalf of first responders and law enforcement agents, who would greatly benefit from being in attendance. After all, experts like Dr. Harvey Kushner and Dr. Bruce Tefft have dedicated their careers to training thousands of law enforcement agents worldwide. The information they intend to share might eventually prove to be life-saving."Epstein continued: "We are fighting for the very survival of Western society. Yet, American corporations refuse to support educational initiatives designed to assist those on the front lines.

In consideration of the 3000 victims who perished on 9/11, it's not acceptable for these corporations to not step up to the plate and, in the very least, purchase a few seats for law enforcement agents and first responders - people that have shown great interest in the symposium and would benefit from being in attendance. Once again, the burden falls on our citizenry."

If you would like to attend this event, or if you want to take part in 'OPERATION FIRST RESPONDER,' go to to register for the April 29, 2006 symposium, 'The Underlying Roots of Terrorism: Terrorism's Threat to World Peace and National Security.'The terrorism threat is real. If we continue to turn our backs on those that are fighting the war, then how will we ever win?

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