Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Memorable Moment In The Milosevic Trial

At the opening of the trial when Milosevic presented pictures of beheaded Serbs and Judge May said that is irrelevant. Milosevic said:

"It's not on the screens that the public sees. Right. I see it on this screen now. But this internal screen only. So he is holding a head, the head of a Serb that he cut off. So those are the 20.000 Mujahedin that were brought to the European theatre of war through Clinton's policy, and most of them remained there and some went to America and to other countries, and they went all around Europe. And then when they start beheading your own people in wars to come, then you will know what this is all about."


Pastorius said...

Thanks for bringing this up, John. I was hoping you would.

I remember you bringing this quote up a while back. I think it was in a comments thread on Fjordman's site.

Wouldn't it be strange if Milosevic ends up being remembered by history as a hero and a kind of prophet?

Let me qualify that by saying, I don't know that much about him. I supported our action in Bosnia at the time, and I have not familiarized myself with the events anymore since then.

In other words, I am very ignorant on this subject.

J said...

Pastorius, i would recommend doing a lot more research, i have and with each new bit i read, I become more and more amazed at how we were deceived over the "bosnian war".

here is a clue as to those behind the US/NATO intiative to attack the serbs :

" within weeks of our offensive, Prince Khaled Bin Sultan, commander of the allied Saudi troops during the first Gulf War, called on NATO and the U.S. to extend its “honorable actions” in Kosovo to Palestine"

whichever road i take seems to bring me to the same conclusion.

the serb minorities in bosnia/kosovo were falling victim to the jihad, head choppings etc..., which then extended to serbia proper, which after a few losses the serbs managed to push back. The problem being, that the muslims of kosovo/bosnia had used these small scale jihad attacks knowing there would have been a heavy handed response from the serbs, which they could then claim was anti-muslim genocide and bring about international intervention.

Read over the saudi quote i posted above. It should remind you of how the muslims in gaza/judea/samaria have used the same tactics, small scale jihad attacks, to provoke a "harsh" response, which they would claim as anti-muslim genocide.

Now my perfect example of this is Jenin. Remember how many were reported slain? Tens of thousands, which later was proved to be a falsity, created to provoke a NATO attack against Israel by using claims of genocide. (the real figure was around 50 dead, mostly jihadis, but bodies had also been brought from morgues/graves to inflate the casualties)

I bring up Jenin, because the woman behind the jenin fabrication, Helena Ranta, was also the woman behind the Racak hoax, and in both incidents, she used almost the same lies [ see ]

I'd just like to add a thanks to John for posting this (i hadn't heard about this incident in the trial before) and for anyone interested i recently started a new section under my videos list on my page, titled 'the unreported jihad against the serbs', which has videos of attrocities committed against serbs civilians, churches in the name of the global jihad.
I could no longer watch the serbs be demonised in the way that israel and jews are, and stand by knowing that they don't have the (little) media support that israel does.

Cubed © said...

Yeah. . . Ever since 9/11, one question after another about whether we were on the wrong side in the Bosnian conflict has come up.

The only thing you can trust a Muslim to be is a Muslim.

Does either of you, and/or anyone you know, have enough familiarity with Bosnia thing to write something that will help straighten people out about it? The detail in the post, and that communication from Saudi Arabia, and the stuff about Helena Ranta - things like this would find a far less PC, far more receptive audience than they would have just a few years ago.

Thanks, Pastorius and J.

I'm going to try to get over to see those videos. Frankly, I think that the media's concealment of factual material like pictures and videos has the same impact as the verbal minimization that they engage in. Everything they do is designed to dumb us down.

And who benefits from that?

Pastorius said...

Please write something about Bosnia for IBA if you have the time.

I am quite sure that would become a huge post and a benefit to our counter-Jihad efforts.

J said...

ok, i'll try and gather as much info as i can, and if it's ok, can you check over the post before i put it up?

Anonymous said...

I just thought y'all should know, I knew several Bosnian Muslims who had fled in the early 90's. They certainly didn't seem like the jihad type. According to one of them (take it for what its worth), they Bosnian refugees received a lot of help when they first arrived from the local Islamic center, but quickly lost interest in associated with the existing Islamic community because the existing community was rather anti-semetic, while the muslim and jewish communities in Bosnia were quite close. That and the existing Muslims weren't into soccer.